Ivory Coast

Early 20th cent. 
Wood & Pigments
23 cm


Formerly in a French’s private collection


This Senoufo mask is named Kpelie in the vernacular language. It was used during rites of passage.

This anthropozoomorphic mask is composed of a human face surmounted by horns. Geometric ornaments encircle the mask and give it a balance. The half-closed eyes are framed by rounded eyebrows and scarifications on the cheeks.


The small mouth takes place under a long and thin nose. In the prolongation of the nose is present a scarification in coffee bean, as one finds on the most beautiful examples of this kind of objects.


This mask is remarkable for its style, its refined style and the partial preservation of blue pigments accentuating the forms. Its dark patina reinforces the overall expression of the mask and highlights the ritual scarifications of which it is adorned.